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20cm to 23cm Pokemon Go Soft Toy Plush Characters Pikachu and more


Which Pokemon ?*

20cm to 23cm Pokemon Go Soft Toy Plush Characters Pikachu and more Summary

The Pokemon range of Game Characters are over 700 variants, including the XY, Mega and other evolutions, and not all characters are made into plush soft toys, but we think we have a pretty definite range available on

The price ranges are not common or average in each size grouping as some of the plush are extremely rare (by character, or even just its an unusual and rare size) and collectible, being of limited supply, these may appear much much higher in price than most within that group. Likewise, there are some Characters that are much more popular than others, and as these manufactured in larger numbers, the price may be below the average price set. These are not price mistakes, these are the market value prices as set often by suppliers or collectors. To see the cost of any product in your own currency, you can select this from the drop down option on the very top right of this website.

This selection is for plush soft toys from the Pokemon and Go range of characters that are 20cm up to 23cm. Nice Cuddly plush for shelf display, carry in a school bag, or on any dedicated pokemon players bed

CATCH EM ALL - This range includes the following Pokemon

Absol 21cm, Amaura 20cm, Amaura 23cm, Ampharous 20cm, Ampharous Mega 23cm, Archen 20cm, Axew 20cm, Blaziken 22cm, Bulbasaur 22cm, Bunnelby 20cm, Celebi 20cm, Charizard Mega X 21cm, Charizard Mega Y 23cm, Charmander 20cm Style A, Charmander 20cm Style B, Chespin 23cm, Cincchino 20cm, Cincchoni 22cm, Cyndaquil 20cm, Dragonite 20cm, Dragonite 23cm Style A, Dragonite 23cm Style B, Eevee 20cm, Eevee 23cm, Espeon 20cm Stle A, Espeon 20cm Style B, Espurr 20cm, Fennekin 20cm, Fennekin 22cm, Fennekin 23cm, Flareon 20cm Style A, Flareon 20cm Style B, Flareon 23cm, Froakie 20cm, Furret 20cm, Furret 22cm, Garchomp Mega 22cm, Gengar Mega 20cm, Glaceon 20cm, Gogoat 20cm, Goomy 20cm Style A, Goomy 20cm Style B, Groudon 21cm, Haunter 20cm, Haunter 22cm, Hawlucha 22cm, Helioptile 20cm, Hoopa 22cm, Jigglypuff 23cm, Jirachi 20cm, Jolteon 20cm Style A, Jolteon 20cm Style B, Kyogre 20cm, Kyogre 22cm, Lapras 20cm, Leafeon 20cm, Litleo 20cm, Litwick 20cm, Magikarp Yellow 20cm, Magickarp 21cm, Mawile 22cm,, Meowstic Female 20cm, Meowstic Male 20cm, Mewtwo 21cm, Mudkip 20cm, Mudkip 23cm, Oshawott 20cm, Palkia 20cm, Palkia 23cm, Pancham 20cm, Panpour 20cm, Pichu 20cm, Pignite 21cm, Piplup 20cm, Psyduck 20cm, Raichu 23cm, Regigigag 20cm, Reshiram 20cm, Sandile 20cm, Scraggy 20cm, Serperior 20cm, Serperior 22cm, Shaymin 23cm, Skitty 20cm, Slowbro 21cm, Sylveon 20cm, Togepi 20cm, Torchic 20cm, Totodile 20cm, Treecko 22cm, Umbreon 20cm Style A, Umbreon 20cm Style B, Umbreon 20cm Style C, Vaporeon 20cm Style A, Vaporeon 20cm style B, Victini 20cm, Wobbuffet 20cm, Wooper 20cm Style A, Wooper 20cm Style B, Zorua 21cm

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