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Pokemon Go Pikachu KIDS Childrens characters hand painted boots


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Pokemon Go Pikachu KIDS Childrens characters hand painted boots Summary

Very Unique and custom hand painted canvas shoes and boots with pokemon Go Characters such as Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Jigglypuff and many many more, painstakingly and delicately reproduced rubber soled converse style lace up boots. Childrens sizes

These can either be in Black or White with you image selected painted onto them. Please be aware that the image shown on each selection is only a representation of what it would look like on that style of footwear.

Each pair of shoes/boots is commissioned at the time you buy them, so each pair is painted at that stage, and allowing for the drying of each colour paint strokes and coat, and the final drying an curing, it may be 7 days from your order being placed before it is ready to ship, so please be aware these take time

A shoe chart has been provided so you can easily covert your own shoe size to one of your countries measurements. the drop down option will be in UK sizes, so confirm with the comparison size chart which UK size is compatible with your shoe size before ordering. With hand painted shoes with acrylic painted patterns, the canvas will feel much more inflexible, and if you have a wider feet or just want a little bit more room, order the next size/half size up in the laced designs, as these can still be tightened. There are also some images showing how to care for your hand painted shoes, and the process involved in producing them

so far the following Characters are available, but you can nominate your own by choosing the Custom Design option - This will allow you to have any character, pokemon or even any other cartoon, hero etc, which we can produce fro you. Juts finish the order, and once paid, we will contact you to obtain all the information to make your own custom hand painted design.

Arbok, Ash, Beedrill, Bellsprout, Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Caterpie, Charizard, Charizard Mega, Charmander, Cleffa, Cubone, Dewgong, Dragonite, Eevee, Gengar, Jigglypuff, Jolteon, Mew, Nidoking, Ninetales, Odish, Pikachu Style A, Pikachu Style B, Pikachu Style C, Pikachu Style D, Pikachu Style E, Pikachu Style F, Pikachu Style G, Pikachu Style H, Pikachu Style I, Pikachu Style J, Pikachu Style K, Psyduck, Raichu, Rapidash, Rattata, Red Gyarados, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Shinx, Squirtle Style A, Squirtle Style B, Vulpix, 

As with all our products, we do ship worldwide, so depending on your own geographical location and the location of our shipping points, deliveries, particularly international ones, can take from 14-24 days. we do have a speedy shipping option, but bear in mind the production time of the shoes will still need to be applied before shipping times.

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