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Pokemon Go Power Bank for All Major Mobile Phones iphone samsung


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Pokemon Go Power Bank for All Major Mobile Phones iphone samsung Summary

With the amazing popularity of Pokemon Go, and the drain it has on Avid players with Smartphones, wouldn't you love to be able to 'reboot' your power levels and keep playing the game for much longer, without the fear of your phone battery going dead?

We have some awesome power bank kits. each will come with a usb charger lead which is used to charge the powerbank, using and USB source. The lead you use to charge your own mobile phone, be that an iphone, samsung galaxy, nokia lumia, sony xperia, will allow you then to connect the power bank to your phone, when the battery is low,and the powerbank will recharge your phone pretty fast.

Its an amazing battery backup system, and an essential piece of kit for any true dedicated pokemon Go player. make your phone stay alive for so much more training, and you get to boast about having a cool pokemon branded power bank?

Advice on the amount of recharge based on the power rating. we take two popular phones as comparisions. iphone 6 and samsung galaxy s6. The samsung is a little bit more power hungry than the apple in display drain. The number indicates how many times the power bank, should charge that device brand, based on a fully charged power bank and an empty phone device.

                               iphone 5 / samsung s4             samsung S6 / iphone 6plus
4000mah                              1.5                                          1.0
7000mah                              2-3                                          2.0
10000mah                            3-5                                          3.0
13000mah                            5-6                                          4.0

We have a wide variety of Powerbanks on offer, from the plain and simple flat phone style, to the pokeball shaped ones that have lights, project images, or glow with leds?

and with prices from £9.99, who doesn't want to be able to boost their gaming power?

We do ship all our products worldwide, but please bear in mind that if you are at the other side of the globe, geographically, it is most likely you wont get your item in 7 days, more like 17-24 days. Speedy shipping option is available

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